We’re looking for online teachers — you’d work remotely, teaching kids to Code from the comfort of your home via live-streaming audio / video / screen sharing.

Earn up to ₹ 1,00,000 per month working from home.
Flexible hours.

How to become a teacher

Start earning today

You’ll be teaching coding to kids age 5 - 18 via LIVE online classes, either 1-on-1 or in small groups. This means you can teach remotely, from the comfort of home, and at times that work best for your schedule.

We will give you curriculum and projects to teach across topics like computer science, Game Development, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Python, or simple blocks-based / visual programming for younger kids. We’ll train you on the curriculum before you start teaching.

Want to make a dent in the education sector? Come join us, get trained by MIT and Google alums and make a difference to thousands of students worldwide.
- Patience, empathy, and a strong teacher personality; past teaching experience is ideal but not a showstopper

- No coding experience required to teach beginner level courses. Coding background experience, either via your job, your college degree, or your hobby for higher earning opportunity

- You like kids (primary, middle, high school)

- Strong WIFI access: > 20 Mbps

- A laptop with a clear webcam

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